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Truple – Promotes social activity

Truple – Promotes social activity

Truple is started by IIT-IIM graduates Chetan Patil, C V Karthik, Rohit Harlalka, Sriram Sekhar, Madhvendra Kumar and Jeet Kumar. The co-founders wanted to do something related to social engagement. Hence, Truple was born in this January. The app is made to help people need other people for any social activity. With the app, people can find help for needs that require engagement between people. If you like any activity that involves other people, you can connect with another person nearby with a similar interest.

Madhvendra, one of the co-founders said that there is a lot of business potential in social engagement. India possesses a huge market size.

As there are about 1.7 billion monthly active users on various social networking platforms and 200 million social media users In India, the startup wanted to launch in this sector.

Madhvendra says that in the digital era, people are independent but not inter-dependent. This meant they are connected and not engaged.

The app has a freemium model with a basic and advanced feature in plan. The advanced feature needs to be paid for. There are also to be paid promotions by local businesses and individuals. The startup gets ad revenue too. The company will activate the freemium model when they have 1,000,000 daily active users.

The App has been in a public beta since less than a month. Currently, there are 2,000 users. Users from USA and Canada form 40 percent of the users, and India forms 33 percent. The remaining 27 percent is formed by the rest of world.

Due to the low number of users at the present stage, it is hard to fulfill user needs. The founders are however working hard to maintain the app in a good condition. They are taking genuine user feedback and have multiple ways of user engagement to develop the app further.

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