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TIGO – An on-demand doorstep collection service

TIGO – An on-demand doorstep collection service

Necessity is the mother of invention. This is very true and most of the times startups arise from the problems of the entrepreneurs themselves.

TIGO (Trust in Green Only) is also one of the best examples for this. This Pune-based organization provides on-demand doorstep collection services for recyclable waste.

TIGO started from the needs of Sourav Patwari, one of the co-founders of TIGO. While shifting home from place to another place, he wanted to dispose the recyclable items like newspapers, plastic items. But, he did not find any such facility and could not reach any scrap collector to solve his immediate needs.

He then sold all the waste products to a scrap dealer in the market. He met a woman there and inquired her whether she would be interested in availing a waste collection service if it is offered at her doorstep. She immediately said yes to the question and asked what things will be collected. Understanding the needs of people, Sourav started TIGO with his friends in the beginning of this year.

If anybody wants to use the services of TIGO they need to visit the organization’s website. They need to fill out details like address, email ID and the day on which they want their scrap picked up.

TIGO van goes to the specified address and collects the waste which will be segregated item-wise later. The company has partnered with some companies to dispose the waste items. Approximately four persons can be served with company for every-two hours. Customers who avail the services of the company can be given cash, cheques or amount credited into their Paytm wallets. They can donate the money to an NGO that works for education of poor children. So far, TIGO served more than 1,000 customers with a team of 10 members. The company has app which information about the customers from whom the waste has to be collected and the worth of collected waste.

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