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Tiggle delivers hot chocolate

Tiggle delivers hot chocolate

Many people, especially the millennials, love to eat hot chocolate. However, hot chocolate is not easily available in the market as coffee and tea. It made Anuva Kakkar think about launching a hot chocolate brand.

Anuva Kakkar from Agra is a hot chocolate lover. She started working with UrbanClap in Gurugram after finishing her BBA degree. One day she wanted to eat hot chocolate. She then realized that there was only one place that offers good chocolate. She also found that there was a lack of quality chocolate mixes at an affordable price.

It made her think about the business potential in this sector, which resulted in launching a hot chocolate brand, Tiggle.

Tiggle is the only hot chocolate brand available online at present in the country. Anuva started selling hot chocolate on a small scale. She prepared her own chocolate and started selling it in a shop near a metro station in Gurgaon.

Though Anuva felt it difficult initially, she was able to sell 30 cups of hot chocolate within an hour. It boosted her confidence.

This 21-year-old girl then partnered with a metro kiosk and sold more than 1,000 cups in 2019. But, later, she had to stop her operations due to COVID-19.

Anuva returned to her hometown Agra during the lockdown and launched Tiggle to sell online. Initially, she wanted to sell hot chocolate to cafes and kiosks. But, due to lockdown, she could not do so. Hence, she decided to sell freshly prepared hot chocolate directly to customers.

She started Tiggle with ₹35,000. Within a year, she sold 2,00,000 cups to more than 14,000 customers in over 20,000 areas across the country.

Facebook and Google ads helped her brand reach many people across the country. For cocoa sourcing, Anuva partnered with farmers in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu.

Now, she has a manufacturing unit in Agra from which products are manufactured and delivered to people across the country.

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