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Saraam – A bean-to-bar startup

Saraam – A bean-to-bar startup

With his unique offerings, Digvijay has successfully sold over two tonnes of chocolates to delighted customers all across the country.

His creations have garnered a loyal following in major cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Udaipur, and Jaipur.

What sets Digvijay’s chocolates apart and makes them highly sought after is his masterful incorporation of indigenous fruits and spices.

With flavours like jamun, saffron, and baer, Digvijay showcases the rich botanical heritage of the country on the culinary map, adding a distinct touch to his creations.

Hailing from a middle-class family in Udaipur, Digvijay always yearned to do something extraordinary, inspired by observing his hardworking father in his automobile shop.

When the COVID-induced lockdown confined Digvijay to the confines of his home, he turned to the art of making chocolates.

Enthusiastically supported by his cousin, Mahaveer Singh, they embarked on this chocolate-making journey, despite their lack of prior knowledge in the craft.

Armed with determination and the vast resources available on YouTube, the 16-year-old Digvijay quickly honed his skills in chocolate making and began distributing his delectable treats to family and friends.

After receiving positive feedback, Digvijay started approaching hotel owners and car showrooms to sell his homemade chocolates.

In 2021, Digvijay received his first significant order of 1,000 chocolates from a car showroom, marking a turning point in his chocolate-making journey. It was then that he officially launched his brand, Saraam.

Thus, started as a simple hobby and now has blossomed into a prominent chocolate brand, generating an impressive revenue of ₹1 crore.

With over 2 tonnes of chocolates sold throughout the country, Digvijay’s passion project had become a remarkable success.

To create his mouthwatering chocolates, Digvijay sources his cacao from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

He also procures fruits from their respective states of origin, such as baer from Udaipur and kokam from Kerala, ensuring an authentic and delightful experience for chocolate enthusiasts.

Those who want to buy these chocolates can purchase them through Saraam’s website and Instagram. Also, they are available in select stores in Udaipur and Jaipur.

Digvijay’s journey serves as an inspiration to all those aspiring to transform their hobbies into meaningful professions, showcasing the boundless potential that lies within passion and determination.

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