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Threads & Shirts – Customized wear for men

Threads & Shirts – Customized wear for men

Shirts are usually mass produced for the sake of quick bulk. While this releases a lot of shirts quickly, it makes every piece of shirt produced less unique.

Threads & Shirts aims to make every shirt unique for people. They offer customized shirts to all its customers.

Anisha Chaudhari, the founder of Threads & Shirts saw that there is a strong need for unique clothes in the men’s fashion segment. She used to be in financial sector but decided to get into entrepreneurship to solve this problem.

In the present fashion sector, the real customization comes from small details. But such details require going for designer clothes. A well-tailored suit or shirts often can be made in the desired way from texture to button spacing. However, not everyone can afford something like designer clothes.

In such a situation, Threads & Shirts really shines.

Since Anisha does not come from a very fashion expertise background, she had to learn the ropes of the sector.

She visited the top mills in the country to learn about tailoring. After a lot of research she was ready to start her work.

She assembled her team to do the work. She found the right tailor who is experienced in shirt making. She formed a team of other designers and creative members.

Threads & Shirts – Customized wear for men

Threads & Shirts – Customized wear for men


They get fabrics from the top five mills of India. The shirts are handcrafted and the art on it is specifically made for it.

The company uses Mother of Pearl buttons, German fusing of cuff and brass collar and high end things for even the smallest details.

Threads & Shirts sells shirts which range between ₹2,000 and ₹4,000. The company is getting an annual revenue of ₹35 lakh.

The company appeals to not just young people but also to shirt enthusiasts who care about detail. They can get completely customized shirts at a much cheaper price than other places.

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