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Termsheet eases initial fundraising

Termsheet eases initial fundraising

Termsheet is a Chennai based startup which eases initial fundraising and investing. It is a great online platform that links angel investors and founders to aid them.

Several angel investors are there for founders with whom they spend significant time so that they can make necessary negotiations. Angel investors can evaluate the information about a company to assess whether they could participate in a seed round or not. With the motto of “Zero friction seed rounds”, Termsheet offers standard documents which are open-sourced and available under a creative commons license to reduce the friction. Hence, both the investors and startups have the option of doing their business in a faster way with minimum negotiation.

Termsheet primarily focuses on the financial needs of early stage firms. Furthermore, it eases the cumbersome process while dealing with several investors by providing a single term sheet which is shared with all of them.

Termsheet has a unique approach as it does not filter startups while onboarding. Thus, it is a self-serving platform and different from other funding platforms in India. The entrepreneurs who wish to establish a startup can prepare the data on their own for a round and intimate this to Termsheet when they are ready to introduce their round.

Termsheet is free for founders to list their startups. yet, startups have to pay a prescribed percentage on the capital raised on the platform. Investors also need to pay a small fee to sign up.

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