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Startupmentor – guide for startups

Startupmentor – guide for startups

Startupmentor is the startup for startups. Confused by how that sounds? Startupmentor helps other startups get the mentorship and guidance they need to succeed.

It is a Pune based startup which helps new startups get the exposure and planning they need.

Startups which are on early stage can simply go on this online platform to find help and mentorship.

It is common for many startups in early stages to struggle with guidance. This is because the founders are usually not experienced. As a result, mentorship and guidance and become one of the biggest needs for them.

Startupmentor was started for this purpose. It aims to provide knowledge required for startups at every stage like early, mid, and even late.

It was started by 49 year old Girija Nair. The platform aims to help with every step of the way.

From bringing the idea to starting the startup and then scaling the startup by finding investors and how to face the investors.

Girija herself had a lot of experience in this matter. She worked in senior management positions at brands like Philips, Vodafone, Reliance, and Intellinet for 20 years. She also co-founded a startup called Careerfutura and worked with startups like Naaptol.

Startupmentor – guide for startups

Startupmentor – guide for startups

When she was in the startup ecosystem, Girija met someone who wanted her help to scale his business. After she successfully helped that company grow, many others requested her help to grow.

She read and researched about how the startup ecosystem works and with that, she came up with a model that would fit into the startup ecosystem. Girija herself realized the satisfaction of doing mentorship and decided to start this platform.

The platform provides mentorship through phone, chat, Skype, or any other video conferencing tool. It will be provided to each startup based on proper data analytics.

The service from startupmentor is considered complete when they successfully find an investor to invest in the startup that needed help.

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