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Spotle – Find jobs by swiping left or right

Spotle – Find jobs by swiping left or right

Finding the right job can be a bit of a hassle. There are many factors and aspects to consider before picking a job.

Jyotirmay Kanthal and Rimjhim Ray are a couple who lived abroad for almost a decade. They saw the problem of how difficult it can be to get the right job for people.

They wanted to find a solution to this problem. They started researching about this issue and found that India has a big amount of young workforce. More than 64 percent of the workforce are youngsters.

It was also found that 36 percent of these youngsters are likely to search for a new job within a year after finding one.

Millennials are taking over the workforce in the country and Kanthal and Ray wanted to do something to help then find relevant jobs where they can be happy and have long lasting jobs.

This is when they started It recommends the jobs to those who are searching with an engaging and simple UI.

Relevant jobs are shown to the user in real time. They just need to swipe either left or right based on their preference.

Spotle is also helpful for employers as the right candidates are matched to them as well. They can quickly filter through the candidates list.

Recruiters can go to the recommendation-based to search the pool of potential employees.

Spotle offers other useful features for users. They can compare their profile with thousands of similar profiles of others and help them plan their future moves.

It also gives best fits for the users after analysing thousands of jobs.

Once the user finds the right job they can get connected to the employer directly via a chat.

The platform removes the hassle of recruiting potential employees by providing the exact type of candidates required for a company.

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