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RuddBuddy – your traveling buddy

Those who travel know the feeling of going to a new place and then having to adjust to the customs. Many find it hard to adjust to the new language, logistics, food etc. At such situations everyone would like help.

This is the concept that Sudeep Reddy used to start RuddBuddy. He wanted to help those who are traveling adjust to new places easily.

RuddBuddy does exactly that. The core of RuddBuddy consists of several local experts who can help the user explore a place.

Users often make new friends using RuddBuddy. The service helps one meet people from different walks of life to understand a city perfectly. This can be from college students to professional tour guides.

Sudeep is inspired by his father to start this company. His father himself was an entrepreneur. He has a background of MS in Electrical Engineering.

The company was started in May 2016 with the aim of connecting people who offer unique activities, tours, workshops with travelers looking for new experiences.



On the website, people can list the things they offer or the things they are looking to do in a city. Various services are listed on the website that can be chosen by the user.

As an example, Sudeep says that if some traveler were to come to Hyderabad and wanted to eat biryani. He or she might not know the best place to get it. On RuddBuddy, people can list various places to get best biryani or even offer their own service.

On the website, people can offer all their unique services or activities to do in a city. Using this, travelers can never get bored of what to do in a new place.

One can even request locals to accompany them to help speak the language and gain a local experience.

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