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Rays Solar Technologies

Rays Solar Technologies

Rays Solar Technologies is a Hyderabad-based company which provides various services related to solar lighting solutions, power packs and water heating systems for commercial and residential applications.

The company believes that saving power is crucial for environment and tries to catalyze the shift towards solar energy usage. The aim of the company is to provide high quality solar products at an affordable prices to customers. One can even get free site assessments and get an energy audit before they get the system designs.

In order to promote information related to solar power, the company also offers training and seminars to people who are interested in solar energy systems, installations, products and available government subsidies including state and central governments.

The company’s basic principle is claimed to be contributing to a world which does not use fossil fuels for power. They boast of reliable, cost-effective and practical energy solutions. The company’s strong belief is that change in energy solutions comes through various solar applications.

They offer a wide range of high standard equipment and provide cost effective installations services to ensure customer satisfaction.

The products they offer include: Solar rooftop heaters, water heaters, street lights, Agricultural pumps, solar lights, and even power banks. In order to help students, they sell study lights too. They have high durability. Moreover, they need less maintenance. You can find Mini Home UPS systems from the company too. You need not install separate power backup systems for computer and home equipment. The Home UPS is suitable for various small home appliances. These include radios, table fans, mobile chargers and laptops. Customers can also request services like rooftop installations (both on grid and off grid).

The company originates from Hyderabad, Telangana. If you are interested in their services or products, then you can visit their website for more information.

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