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11-year old created solar light from laptop battery

11-year old created solar light from laptop battery

11-year old Vedant Dhiren Thakar, is a sixth grader like no other. He plays LEDs, diodes and magnets. He hopes to make a free power source in the country. Now, he has made an LED power source which runs on a recycled discarded laptop battery. His usage of a discarded laptop battery is to make things more eco-friendly.

Vedant lives in Mira Road which is a Mumbai suburb. He got the idea to make free power sources when he spent 15 days twice a year in villages. He saw how financially weak families in the village face troubles without electricity. He wants children there to be able to study well.

When he saw that the battery of his father’s laptop stopped working after a year of use, Vedant was curious to see inside it. He open the battery pack which usually consists of 6 to 8 cylindrical lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells. He found that one of the cells was not working which cause the whole series to become obsolete. He took this unit and used the remaining working cells by installing it in a dysfunctional CFL inverter lamp which then started working perfectly. This surprised his father. With that, he came up with a functional light source from scratch.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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