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A princess started this vegan startup

A princess started this vegan startup

Vegans are often asked why they became vegan, and how they manage without consuming both meat and dairy products.

In fact, there are many substitutes for dairy products, but for beginner vegans, it takes some time for them to find the right substitutes.

Wegan Foods is a startup that creates vegan cheese for commercial purposes. Kinjal Darukhanawala, founder of Wegan Foods, says that, as a vegan herself, she knows how challenging it can be to explain to people why they choose to become vegan.

Curiosities were also raised when Shiekha Arwa Al Qassimi, a princess of the royal family of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah, invested an undisclosed amount of money in Wegan Foods in June.

Although the question has been raised many times, Princess Sheikha is not vegan. However, she invested in Wegan Foods for two reasons: one, to help empower women such as Kinjal and her workforce, and two, to promote healthy alternatives for eating.

Kinjal plans to have a 90%-woman workforce, which she will hire from organizations that empower women from disadvantaged backgrounds. The culinary world is dominated by men, she says, and she wants to allow culinarily-interested women to make their mark.

Kinjal began Wegan Foods in order to provide more Indian people with vegan alternatives to dairy products, since she found out that these products were much more readily available in other countries. She also learned that there were several methods that one could use to develop alternative vegan products.

A princess started this vegan startup

A princess started this vegan startup

The formula for the perfect vegan cheese took about eight months to crack, but she eventually got it right. Wegan Foods will be launching their Dairy Free Cheese this month, made entirely from soy.

This startup will be providing opportunity on several fronts, both employment opportunity for disadvantaged women and alternative food opportunities for vegan cooks.

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