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PostMoji – Using physical emojis for positivity

PostMoji – Using physical emojis for positivity

With the digital revolution in full swing all around the world, one of the greatest changes has been people’s ways of communicating.

Now, people can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, with the simple clicks of a few buttons.

This speedy communication led to a number of different methods of keeping messages concise, such as the increased use of acronyms for expressing emotions or reactions.

However, one of the most revolutionary and enjoyable methods of digital expression is the emoji or emoticon.

These typed-out facial expressions began as a combination of colons, semicolons, parentheses and the like, but they have now morphed into a wide array of faces, objects, and symbols to choose from.

Yet, although emojis are fun to receive and use, there is a sense of physical meaning missing in these digital symbols.

Laksh Fomra, a 24-year-old internet geek from Mumbai, has decided to merge the classic physical message with the modern-day emoji with his new startup, PostMoji.

PostMoji creates “millennial postcards”, which are 12×12 cutouts of emojis that can have a 250-word message printed with them.

These postcards combine the charming expressiveness of emojis with the meaningfulness of a physical letter, allowing emoji-loving millennials to communicate in a more personal way.

PostMoji’s emoji postcards cost between ₹299 and ₹399. Their regular catalogue is currently limited to six different emojis, but they have expanded their catalogue with seasonal emojis for the Christmas season, and they will be doing it again for the Valentine’s Day season.

PostMoji will continue adding seasonal postcards for various holidays and festivals, so that they will not be limited to anything.

PostMoji – Using physical emojis for positivity

PostMoji – Using physical emojis for positivity

The startup has been extremely successful, receiving orders from around the world.

In the future, PostMoji will be expanding into markets where gifting has a more prominent presence, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

These expressive, meaningful postcards are an excellent way for millennials to give a personal touch to their communication.

Image Reference: Yourstory, Nettyfeed

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