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Pixstory – give life to wallpapers

Pixstory – give life to wallpapers

Aware of the glut of information clogging users in this age, the former director, 32 year old Rohan Karumbaiah, began Pixtory to provide a simplistic solution for it.

Guided by the philosophy that every picture has its own story, the product transforms the mobile home screen into a set of Wallpaper Stories.

The user gets from fifteen to twenty a day, and every day they wake up to a new wallpaper. However, that wallpaper can be double tapped into a mode to show the wallpaper stories, across categories such as fiction and technology. They are image led, with a crisp and clean story each.

The current version of Pixtory has evolved since its release last year, beginning as a simple app that created immersion through anchoring on full screen images.

However, once the Daily Wallpaper feature started gaining ground, the wallpaper stories became the app’s main function.

The focus on the home screen also does away with the issue of re-engagement faced by all apps. Additionally, users can participate in the creation of these wallpaper stories through a web tool that allows seamless making, and there are now more than 250 contributors on board.

The app is becoming a large success, with over half of the users interacting with the app daily, and the unique prospect of the app addressing the issue between prominence and intrusion.

Pixstory – give life to wallpapers

Pixstory – give life to wallpapers


It is thus beginning to branch and grow, through sponsored brand systems, partnerships, and a growing base of organic users, and with an aim to soon be active on a few million devices within the next year.

Pixtory is now becoming a simplistic way for more and more people to immerse in stories behind pictures and also to create their own.

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