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Petcart Nest – A unique pet resort

Petcart Nest – A unique pet resort

Several people want to look after their pets even in their absence. There are many pet resorts nowadays. Petcart Nest is one among them. This unique resort takes care of your pets in your absence.

Whether you are going away on a vacation or a work trip, you can leave your pets under the care of trained professionals.

Petcart Nest is a Bengaluru based startup. It spreads over two acres with 70 large bamboo huts and a lounging facility.

There is a swimming pool of 1,800 sq ft and two luxurious 12,000 sq ft play areas for the pets.

It serves as a daycare centre and overnight lodging for pets.

Petcart Nest was founded by Shekar Gaonkar and Nilendu Maiti to offer complete services to pets.

The duo realized that the pet care industry was very unorganized and there were huge gaps. They wanted to organize it and fill the gaps.

They also say that in the wake of rapid urbanization and changing perception of pet owners, there is an increase in the number of millennials who adopt pets.

The startup divided pet needs into three parts, daily needs, wellbeing, and hospitality.

Petcart Nest provides all these services under one umbrella. They offer services related to daily needs of pets through eCommerce portal. Under the wellbeing of pets, the company acts as a catalyst by connecting pet parents with veterinarians in the city.

Their hospitality services include boarding and lodging, grooming, and recreation for pets.

Petcart Nest uses technology for its wellbeing services. A digital token system is used for pets to get an appointment with veterinarians.

The pet owners or parents have the option of digitizing the medical history of their pets and schedule vaccinations. They can also get reminders regarding this.

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