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Omnicuris helps improve the quality of healthcare

Omnicuris helps improve the quality of healthcare

Poor quality of healthcare is one of the main reasons for deaths in the country. A report published in ‘The Lancet’ showed that around 85 per cent of cardiovascular deaths, 60 per cent of post-birth issues, and 50 per cent of tuberculosis problems were caused due to low-quality healthcare.

In most small towns and villages, sufficient quality healthcare services are not available. Even the healthcare providers there do not have the latest equipment.

To improve the quality of healthcare in the country, Savitha Kuttan and Priyank Jain founded Omnicuris in 2016.

It also has a web application available on Android and iOS through which a series of webinars and videos are available in the medical arena.

Omnicuris is a Bengaluru based startup. So far over one lakh professionals and several patients have benefitted through this platform.

Omnicuris has partnered with 35 medical associations and eight state governments in the country.

At present, there are many gaps in healthcare as several people do not get proper healthcare, especially in rural areas.

Many physicians in rural areas are not experts in diagnosing and treating the ailments.

Omnicuris was founded to provide the latest developments and information in the medical field to doctors. Thus, they can improve their know-how and be up to date to the latest development.

Before starting Omnicuris, Savitha worked as a healthcare consultant in the US and Europe.

The idea of her startup came to her mind after she lost one of her relatives where the doctors were not able to diagnose the illness.

She then met Priyank Jain, an alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur. Both started working together.

The biggest challenge was building of good content and making sure the doctors get a scheduled time to read the information curated on the application. But, the duo overcame the challenge with their efforts.

Now, the startup has nearly 50 employees.

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