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MyFitness peanut butter – A healthy protein supplement

MyFitness peanut butter – A healthy protein supplement

Peanut butter is used as a protein supplement by many people. The demand for this nutritious product has been growing in the country.

Tanvi Fitness Pvt. Ltd. entered into the market observing the potential. It aimed to offer a healthy variant of high-quality peanut butter in the desi market.

Mohammad Patel and Rahil Virani launched the MyFitness brand in 2019 with two versions of peanut butter – the original and the natural. It introduced other flavours of peanut butter later. Some of them are chocolate crunchy, chocolate smooth, and honey.

The families of both founders are already in business. They export peanuts and peanut butter. However, the duo wanted to customize the product as per the taste and preference of Indian customers. MyFitness solely caters to the needs of Indians.

Unlike many peanut butter brands available in the market, MyFitness peanut butter does not have excess oil, as per the founders. The oil is completely eliminated and thus it can be a healthy snack for health-conscious people. Many people are using it before their workout.

This D2C startup sells around 6,000 to 7,000 jars daily. The duo has been spending huge money on marketing. They made strategic partnerships with celebrity personalities like cricketers, movie stars etc. Besides, many bodybuilders also publicized the product. These strategies boosted their sales.

MyFtiness brand has around 1,200 influencers. To improve its brand recognition, MyFitness sponsors bodybuilding competitions also. Joe Weider’s Olympia is one among them. The duo almost spent around ₹20 crores on brand building. To improve its production capacity, the startup has partnered with a third-party manufacturer. It aims to produce 90 tonnes daily. Currently, it is producing around 7 tonnes. MyFitness has 30 employees onboard.

The startup mainly targets fitness stores. Hence, it did not enter the general stores. It generates revenue mainly through online stores and the remaining through retail stores.

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