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Mush Textile offers eco-friendly bamboo products

Mush Textile offers eco-friendly bamboo products

Several health-conscious customers are opting for sustainable and eco-friendly products.  In this scenario, two friends launched a startup that offers bamboo-based bath products.

Mush Textile, an Ahmedabad-based startup, offers eco-friendly products made from bamboo. These include bath towels and sets, face towels, socks etc. It also makes T-shirts on an order basis.

Ayush Agarwal and Nihar Gosalia worked in the corporate sector before launching Mush Textile.

Nihar’s family has a B2B textile business. He recognized that the concept of bamboo fabric was unexplored much in the country. Hence, he wanted to work on it. When he shared his idea with his friend, Ayush, he too agreed to work with Nihar.

They launched Mush Textile to sell directly to customers on their website. In addition to that, the products are also available on various eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc.

The duo launched their startup in 2018. Within a year, it generated ₹4 crores. They earned ₹7 crores last year. They aimed to earn ₹12 crores this year.

Bath towels made by Mush Textile have antibacterial and anti-odour properties with good absorbency.

Usage of bamboo as an alternative to cotton is quite common in the sustainable fashion industry. There are many reasons for it. Bamboo is grown abundantly with little water. It does not need pesticides. Besides, the material is biodegradable.

The startup claims that its products comprise bamboo in a major portion. They are a blend of 70 per cent bamboo and 30 per cent cotton, unlike other bamboo products that are available in the market in the ratio of 40 to 60 of bamboo to cotton.

Some other available brands in the market are dyed with bamboo charcoal. But, the products of Mesh Textile are completely different.

The cost of Mesh Textile products ranges from ₹499 to ₹1,899. Its face towels are available for ₹499.

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