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MedRabbits offers remote healthcare solutions

MedRabbits offers remote healthcare solutions

COVID-19 changed many things. Healthcare is one among them. As physical distancing is essential, many people are avoiding visiting hospitals except for emergencies. However, they are opting for other ways of healthcare solutions like telemedicine.

At the same time, the shortage of beds in hospitals forced many COVID confirmed patients to stay at home even though they need healthcare. Healthcare experts also suggest the patients with mild to moderate symptoms stay at home due to a lack of enough beds. However, they need to monitor their symptoms and oxygen levels from time to time.

In this situation, teleconsultation services and remote healthcare services became essential. Demand for these services leads to the emergence of many such startups.

MedRabbits is a remote healthcare service provider. It offers remote health monitoring solutions to patients and helps them connect with doctors.

Amol R Deshmukh and Anshad Ameen launched MedRabbits in 2019 to provide diagnostic tests and medical services to people at their homes.

As several people requested this Pune-based startup to offer an RT-PCR test at the convenience of their homes, it offers a home-based RT-PCR test by partnering with ICMR-approved labs.

Besides, MedRabbits offers a wearable smartwatch, mBrase for home quarantined people to track their health. This wearable device monitors the vitals of patients like heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and oxygen levels.

The data is collected and stored in the cloud of MedRabbits. It can be sent to patients and doctors when needed. The startup is also working on providing reports on the mobile app to help patients and doctors.

This home quarantine solution is available on rent for ₹599 per day for 14 days.

The startup offers video consultation services to patients and connects them with doctors. In addition to that, it also provides oxygen concentrators to patients in times of need.

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