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Meatigo offers on-demand meat

Meatigo offers on-demand meat

Considering the demand for home deliveries, different types of startups are emerging into the market. Certain startups emerged to fill the gap in the sector.

Meatigo is one such startup. This Gurgaon based startup delivers farm-fresh meat to customers.

Siddhant Wangdi founded Meatigo to provide quality meat. He worked at Tata Administrative Services. He had been to various countries like Singapore, Thailand etc. as part of his job. When he returned to India, he found a lack of hygiene in meat products. He was shocked about the safety standards followed in procuring and storing the meat.

The main thing he observed was the lack of temperature control while storing the meat. He found that a major portion of the meat sourced are from wet markets. But, while storing the meat, even supermarkets do not focus on following safety standards.

He also found that the demand for meat has been growing in the country over the years. While customers are opting for international brands, there is a shortfall in supplying those varieties.

Observing all these things, Siddhant wanted to enter the market. His startup, Meatigo supplies meat and seafood on-demand. It also offers farm-to-fork supply to the customers.

Meatigo assures quality, safety and hygienic meat to customers. Besides, it also offers an extensive range of residue-free meats to customers.

Though Meatigo is based in Gurgaon, it expanded its services to Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad. The startup also wants to expand its services to Chennai in a few months.

It also wants to enter other cities as well if there is a demand for quality meat. Apart from meat, Meatigo offers momos, ready-to-cook marinades, and heat-and-serve kebabs.

At present, Meatigo has more than 150,000 customers. Among them, 85 per cent are returning customers.

Meatigo receives orders from its website and app. Besides, it also tied up with Zomato, Swiggy, and Dunzo.

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