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MakeMyWishes – makes gifting easier

MakeMyWishes – makes gifting easier

In this digital age, there are thousands of options for a person to buy as a gift for their loved ones. One might expect that buying a gift should be very easy with so many options. However, the contrary is true. Many people have trouble figuring out what gift to buy for their loved ones on occasions like Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

In order to make gifting easier, Anu Gupta and Sapna Chaudhary came up with a new kind of platform. It is called MakeMyWishes. Started in June this year, the website works on a simple concept: wish, share and get. Using this, the sender does not have to worry about what the receiver wants as a gift and the receiver can get what they wish for. The website also got the Android application of the platform in August.

To start the website, both of the women planned together and used their expertise. Anu has more than 15 years of experience in the finance industry and Sapna has more than 13 years of work experience in the finance and gifting platform.

They started the platform with a working capital of ₹20 lakh. They spent most of the money on the technology.

In order to use the website, all a user has to do is create events like birthday, anniversary, Diwali and Eid etc. Then, they add their wishes to the event. A user can post their wishes simply by creating a post by pasting a URL or an image of the one or many things they need. Users make posts on their profile. They can also use the platform’s curated collections.

Once the post has been made, the user just needs to give a shipment address. After that, the user invites his/her friends to the platform so they can share their wish list with them.

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