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LightSpeed: The super e-bike

LightSpeed: The super e-bike

When Rahil Rupawala first used an e-bicycle (electronic bicycle) while studying at the Coventry University in the United Kingdom, he immediately wanted to be able to bring the idea home to India.

With the opportunity for e-vehicles wide open in their country, Rahil and his brother, Rushad Rupawala, began exploring the possibility of founding an Indian e-bike company.

However, while the pair of them were conducting research on the bikes in Britain, they found that the bikes were too expensive to be used commonly.

They received positive responses for their idea back in India, but it was a crowdfunding program named Fueladream which saved it.

Therefore, in November of 2016, the Rupwala brothers launched LightSpeed Mobility, funded by ₹1 crore. There are two variants of the LightSpeed bikes: the LightSpeed GLYD (available at ₹27,999) and the LightSpeed DRYFT (available at ₹37,999).

The LightSpeed GLYD has a three-level pedal booster and is more suited to city areas, while the LightSpeed DRYFT has a five-level pedal booster and front shock absorbers, therefore being more suited to adventurous terrain.

It took about a year for the bikes to be fully designed and tested, in order to ensure that the final product would be equipped with the best and safest technology.

The company has now grown to a team of fifteen people, which take care of all issues, such as branding and communication.

Their crowdfunding program, Fueladream, has also been helping provide them with online promotion on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

LightSpeed: The super e-bike

LightSpeed: The super e-bike


Overall, the electronic vehicle market in India has been continuously increasing, with companies like Ampere Electric, Ather Energy, and Yo Bykes on the rise. Therefore, Rahil sees a positive future for his company.

It is too early for them to predict their revenue in the near future, he says, but they have plans to grow and keep up their success.

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