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Kerala student’s startup has a turnover of ₹30 lakhs

Kerala student’s startup has a turnover of ₹30 lakhs

While many young people are struggling to get jobs in the country, this young man created an opportunity for himself. He also employed many people.

Mohammed Abdul Gafoor from Kerala started his first business venture at the tender age of 16 years. Hailing from Malappuram, Kerala, Gafoor’s family stayed in Saudi Arabia till he completed class 10. His family used to visit his hometown in Kerala during the holidays.

However, as soon as Gafoor finished class 10, his family moved to India. Gafoor’s father started a hardware business in their hometown. It attracted the young boy to step into business. He started his first venture at 16 and distributed home appliances to the customers of his father’s business.

It boosted the confidence of Gafoor, who began his entrepreneurial journey in a full-fledged manner later. He launched a startup that offers all kinds of household-related services like plumbing, electrical works etc.

During the lockdown, a water pipe had broken at his home. Though his mother tried to get it repaired, she could not find a plumber to fix it. It made Gafoor think about launching a startup to offer household-related services. That’s how his startup, Fix It, started its operations.

Gafoor spent ₹5,000 for his startup to buy a sim and a banner to advertise. He collected the phone numbers of skilled workers for doing household-related work. He did all the things on his own for his startup.

In the beginning, the startup received just four enquiries. But within a few months, it started receiving around eight enquiries in a week. Slowly, his startup grabbed the attention of people.

Around 300 skilled workers have enrolled on Fix It. For enrollment, they need all essential licenses. In addition, these workers are given identity cards to track their location when they visit the customers.

Generally, workers demand a wage for a full day, even for minor work. It helps customers pay reasonably to the workers instead of paying the wage for the entire day.

In the beginning, many people did not take Gafoor seriously as he was very young. They were sceptical about his success. But, he convinced them and succeeded. Now he has a team of 70 employees. Within two years of launch, Fix It has a turnover of ₹30 lakhs.

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