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Jaagruti – Startup by an Ecofriendly family

Jaagruti - Startup by an Ecofriendly family

Inspired by the environmental shows that had defined her childhood, Vasudha Mehta decided to veer from conventional professions, and chose to pursue a career in environmental conservation and animal welfare.

She often imagined seeing the things she saw on TV close up, and held that desire throughout her life.

Her career and passion for it was defined by this, leading her to found Jaagruti Trust in 2009, which she started along with her mother, Neeru, and her brother, Vivek.

Vasudha finished her studies in 2006, and then spent about two and a half years working for the People For Animals and the Wildlift SOS at their Agra Bear Research Facility.

She has since been informing street caretakers of animals on the proper ways of animal help and animal rights.

She continued these values in founding Jaagruti, which runs first aid, treatment, and vaccination service for street animals in Delhi. Jaagruti aids lower caretakers, usually those who seek it out, in their treatment of the animals in their area.

The more aid is given, the more people get informed on how to take care of their local animals themselves.

However, in May of 2012, Vasudha began dedicating her time to the Jaagruti Waste Paper Recycling Services.

India uses up to 12,500,000 tons of paper every year, but only up to 30% of that amount gets recovered to be recycled and reused.

Thus, Jaagruti aims to raise that percentage, as well as reaching out to other countries such as Greece, Sweden, and Italy in their efforts to make a cleaner environment for the planet as well.

Jaagruti - Startup by an Ecofriendly family

Jaagruti – Startup by an Ecofriendly family


Paper is collected from various institutions and then brought to a recycling mill and processed to make different kinds of paper, using Elemental Chlorine Free (or ECF) bleach technology.

This effort saves hundreds of trees, water, air pollution, oil, energy, and landfill space, and thus makes an overall cleaner environment for the planet.

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