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iTraveller – An Ideal Platform for Travelers

iTraveller is a Bangalore based startup aimed to help travelers both nationally and globally. The company uses technology to automate the supply chain of holiday packages. The technology they use helps in powering hundreds of travel agents and native tour operators across the destinations not only in India but also overseas. Using the platform iTraveller, tour operators can go online and help their travelers make their own personalized itineraries. They can also automate the bookings and satisfy all the promises made to travelers. The platform iTraveller provides proper back end automation with hotels, transportation etc.

Using iTraveller, the traveler can explore destinations and make personalized packages as per their choice. They can also book online with one of the preferred tour operators who are powered by iTraveller. Using iTraveller as a platform, the tour operator will start booking hotels, method of transportation etc. Each user will be given complete care. The service promises that there will be no missing of the user preferences like payments to hotels, date of arrival etc. The platform promises error free experience because all the error prone operations are left to technology rather than human.

The service believes in maintaining trust between with the customer. They believe that travel is completely related to trust on service provider. The service believes in innovation and operational efficiency by process automation.

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