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IndiaGoSolar – helping India go solar

IndiaGoSolar – helping India go solar

As many people know, the Government of India set a goal of installing 40 GW of solar roof top capacity by 2022. The solar power sector in the country is quite skewed however. There is not much awareness about the sector.

In order to push this sector forward, Harish Ahuja started IndiaGoSolar. It is a Delhi-based online solar marketplace. Started in 2014, IndiaGoSolar offers information and advice on solar product technology, multiple market suppliers, price comparison, economic and commercial benefits, and various options for standardize projects, delivery and installations.

Users can get the required information from the website. Then they can find finance partners, government subsidies and availability of loans.

Harish started IndiaGoSolar with a seed capital of Rs 6 lakh. Since this sector was much less present in 2014, it was challenging to start the website.

Harish says that he started sharing a lot of free content related to solar technology. This content was to give a good idea about how it is adapted all over the world, the regulatory and policy changes related to it, and financing activities in solar sector. He also started an exclusive daily solar newsletter ‘SURYAVESHI’ related to this sector.

Harish has a PhD in Electricity Markets from IIT Delhi and an MBA in Energy Management from NTU Singapore. He also has experience of being Joint Secretary of Department of Power, Government of Delhi.

IndiaGoSolar’s first supplier was from Pathankot. Harish says that he had to follow up with the supplier on technical queries or delay in the product supplies to customers.

He did not want to commit that mistake again. For that reason, Harish now only has well-established solar manufacturers, EPC and O&M players. Everyone who works with IndiaGoSolar has certain service standards which are prescribed by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

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