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Hospido helps cancer patients treat in their hometowns

Hospido helps cancer patients treat in their hometowns

Cancer is one of the deadliest health conditions. Cancer patients are growing each year around the globe. While around 15 lakh new cancer patients are diagnosed each year in India, many people remain undiagnosed.

Only metros and major cities have advanced cancer treatment facilities. Many of Tier II and Tier III cities lack proper cancer treatment facilities.

Besides, COVID-19 affected the treatment of other ailments including cancer due to the shortage of healthcare workers and increasing COVID-10 cases in the country.

To help cancer patients, Karan Chopra launched Hospido in May this year. This Gurugram-based cancer care platform aims to help cancer patients get treatment in their hometowns.

Karan Chopra pursued MBA from Indian School of Business. He worked at Bain & Co for a few years. His family initiated Doctor on Call in 2013. Hence, Karan wanted to work on it and establish a primary care telemedicine platform for rural India.

He noticed that many people avoided visiting hospitals during the lockdown, which affected their treatment.

To help them get quality healthcare, Karan started Hospido for cancer patients. Hospido helps cancer patients through telemedicine and satellite treatment centres.

It offers diagnostic tests, medicines, and advice on other things like diet and exercise to cancer patients as per their need and comfort.

There are many healthtech companies in India. However, Hospido mainly focuses on treatment rather than just connecting doctors and patients.

Hospido is partnered with many leading oncologists from India, Singapore and the US. It established chemotherapy centres as per international cancer protocols, supported by leading oncologists across the country.

Currently, chemotherapy centres are available in Amritsar, Gwalior, Jammu, Agra, and Kanpur. Hospido wants to expand to many more cities in the coming months.

To avail their services, cancer patients have to register with them and upload all their medical reports. Then they have to book an appointment with doctors. The doctors check their reports and advice patients through a video call or on the phone.

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