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GreyOrange – Automation solutions

GreyOrange – Automation solutions

GreyOrange designs, manufactures and deploys advanced robotics systems for automation at distribution and fulfillment centers. They offer solutions related to worker robots and automation. Their solutions make work in warehouses easier and efficient.

GreyOrange was founded by Samay Kohli, Akash Gupta and Wolfgang Hoeltgen. The company has grown significantly today with more than 300 employees working in three cities. The company has 90 percent of market share of India’s warehouse automation market.

Butler and Sorter are the two products of GreyOrange. They are made for the purpose of automation in warehouses.

The Butler system is useful at automating the complexities of forward and reverse logistics. New Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) can be configured and added to your Butler-powered warehouse. If you find that your order to ship times are increasing then you can also add additional butlers to your warehouse. You can also add Pick Stations based on your needs.

With the Butler system, the butlers will do all the moving around warehouse while people just focus on order picking and putting inventory at dedicated or dual use Pick/Put stations. The Butler is capable of carrying past and current order data so that they automatically re-slot the storage racks. They have opportunity charging feature.

The Sorter is for high speed sorting. The sorter can be used to handle all sorts of packages. It is a one size fits all system. The Sorter results in a TCO reduction of nearly 100% and ROI of 3 – 12 months.

The sorter’s dynamic spacer allows for non-regular feeding of parcels. It can have proper sorting even when parcels are half a centimeter apart. It has average speeds of 1,500, 3,000 or 6,000 parcels per hour. The sorters are made to be easily configured by the customer as their business changes. It is designed to sort as many parcels as necessary. It can also give the dimensions and weight of parcels.

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