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Globus Infocom provides technological educational solutions

Globus Infocom provides technological educational solutions

Technological solutions in the field of education are gaining popularity due to change in education methods.

Many companies provide innovative educational solutions. Globus Infocom Limited is one among them.

Kiran Dham along with her husband Ashish Dham founded the company.

Globus Infocom has its own manufacturing units to offer numerous variety of products and innovative solutions.

These include digital boards, digital teaching solutions, digital language labs, virtual classroom solutions, video conferencing solutions, and many such solutions.

They also provide subject software, Gyan Samvaad and 3D science lab for early learners.

Globus Infocom’s digital lab solutions help improve the skills of children like communication, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.

Their English Language Lab software helps gain English proficiency.

Aiming to make education fun and interesting, their solutions are designed innovatively.

Kiran says that their solutions are helping schools improve the attendance of children and their involvement in classroom sessions.

Globus Infocom also supplies surveillance solutions to many government organisations like body-worn and mobile surveillance cameras.

However, their journey, like many startups, was not smooth in the beginning. Usage of technology in education was one of their toughest challenges. In addition to that, there is a huge gap in the educational standards of rural schools and metro cities.

Moreover, students and teachers were doubtful in using technology as they were comfortable with traditional teaching.

It was difficult for Globus Infocom to convince them to adapt to technology and make them comfortable in using it.

But, the company succeeded in gaining their confidence and approval to use their technological solutions.

Their digital solutions have been implemented in many schools.

Now, the company crossed ₹100 crore and they aim to reach ₹150 crore for the financial year 2020.

They also want to expand their services to more Tier II and Tier III cities.

The company is focusing on launching of advanced technologies to improve the learning environment. At the same time, they want to bridge the gap between the rural and urban schools. They also want to offer career development platforms for rural students.

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