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Fitelo offers online diet consultations

Fitelo offers online diet consultations

Nowadays, many young people are also affected by diabetes and hypertension due to changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

Besides, obesity is seen in many young adults and children. As per some studies, more than 40 per cent of Indians are overweight.

To help these people change their lifestyles and prevent lifestyle diseases, a friends’ duo launched Fitelo in 2019. Sahil Bansal and Mehakdeep Singh are childhood friends. They tried many weight loss solutions to lose weight but found no sustainable solutions.

Later, the duo realized that rather than focusing on controlling foods temporarily, developing healthy habits yield better results for the long term. So, they launched Fitelo.

Fitelo is an AI-enabled platform that provides online consultations and weight loss tips. This Chandigarh-based startup offers its services through its website as well as a mobile application.

Sahil Bansal, Co-founder of Fitelo, says that the startup works on creating healthy habits in people to keep them fit in easy ways.

Fitelo works on a subscription-based model. They provide weight management and disease management plans. Users can buy their packages for one month, four months, seven months, and 12 months. The startup offers various types of plans for various health ailments.  For instance, its plans for PCOD/PCOS and thyroid are available for ₹20,000 for four months and ₹50,000 for 12 months.

Its weight management plans cost ₹3,000 per month and ₹25,000 for 12 months. They are also available for three months, four months, and seven months.

So far, Fitelo served more than 15,000 clients, including children and senior citizens. At present, its content reaches 50 lakh people per month. The startup aims to reach more than 10 million people in the next three years. It wants to generate nearly ₹10 crores for the financial year 2022.

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