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Fabriclore – Ecommerce for handloom crafts

Fabriclore – Ecommerce for handloom crafts

The textile industry accounts for 20% of India’s industrial production, with over 15 million people employed in it. Additionally, 30% of India’s exports are textiles and garments.

Yet many fabric artisans also exist in the rural parts of India, and they usually have trouble reaching out to other customer bases besides the people in their area.

However, a trio of entrepreneurs from Rajasthan, Anupam Arya, Sandeep Jumar, and Vijay Sharma, decided to establish their fabric startup entirely online.

The three of them founded Fabriclore in March of 2016, which was established to sell fabrics and to educate others about the different crafts and various fabrics that are available throughout the country.

Fabriclore established itself as a hybrid business model with marketplace and retail. They curate fabrics from artisans and manufacturers all throughout India, and they can then customize the fabrics with the various designs.

Therefore, designs that are typically limited to very specific areas of the country can now be placed on any fabric that Fabriclore has to offer.

They have not established an offline presence, and they have also not expanded to any other online marketplace. Until recently, Fabriclore has been bootstrapped, since they wanted to gain critical mass before raising funding.

Today, Fabriclore has over 30,000 registered customers, and they gain about 2,000 new customers each month. They do not offer discounts on their products, since they believe in establishing honest and long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Fabriclore – Ecommerce for handloom crafts

Representative Handlooms.


Instead, they provide other innovative offers. They have no plans to open up offline stores in the future, but they do have plans for opening up to certain international markets, such as the Middle Eastern, European, American, and Canadian markets.

Fabriclore also plans to expand its team in every functional area and to sell at least 400,000 meters of fabric.

Fabriclore is aiming to become the pioneer in reinventing handloom crafts, with its completely unique combinations of fabric and design.

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