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Ecoloop offers eco-friendly packaging material

Ecoloop offers eco-friendly packaging material

Despite knowing the adverse effects of plastic, many people use plastic products due to a lack of alternatives. To offer plastic alternative packaging material to people, this Odisha woman launched a startup, Ecoloop.

Chandni Khandelwal from Odisha is environment-conscious. During her college days, she used to carry her lunch box in plastic bags, which made her worried about the environment. So she started collecting them to reuse later. She converted them into planters and home utility products.

After a few years, Chandni launched Ecoloop to offer eco-friendly packaging products. She is graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bhubaneswar. She associated with local artisans as part of her studies.

At that time, she noted that there were many natural materials like bamboo, palm leaves, Sabai grass etc., used for crafting. Chandni thought of using them for packaging as an alternative to plastic material. She brainstormed and launched Ecoloop to make packaging products using natural materials.

Ecoloop makes gift packaging and other types of products like baskets, boxes and trays. The startup is exploring ways to create sustainable products to replace boards for packaging and make boxes for baked goods.

As Sabai grass is abundant in Odisha and West Bengal, the startup easily procures it to turn it into eco-packaging.

Most of the products are made by artisan clusters in Odisha. Chandni’s past association with local artisans helped her convince them to make products for her startup. Besides, a few artisans from Kashmir also work for the startup to make paper mache and bamboo products.

Nearly 500 artisans are working for Ecoloop. Most of them are women. Thus, Ecoloop empowers women and local artisans.

Ecoloop was launched in September 2021. Chandni invested ₹20,000 in the startup. Now it generates a revenue of ₹2,00,000 per month.

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