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E-bee provides technlogy solutions

E-bee provides technology solutions

E-bee is an end-to-end global platform for commerce. The platform has a rule based engine with built-in workflows, grids and triggers, configured in accordance with B2B and B2C industry requirements. It is helpful for small, medium and large enterprises to connect and engage with their entire business eco-system easily. Businesses can easily stay in contact with manufacturers, vendors & suppliers, dealers & distributors, retailers and end consumers in one platform.

With the ever changing world of retailing, such a new platform is helpful for many businesses. The platform manages to integrate various touch points of commerce like store, web, mobile, call center, kiosk, social networks, email etc.

By having a single integrated platform, exchanges between partners and suppliers becomes more transparent, efficient and empowered. This helps end consumers enjoy a connected and personalized experience with the brand across all touch points.

E-bee is a multi-tenant, multi-lingual and multi-currency platform. As a result, users can localize their online brand touch and feel according to country specific consumer preferences. The platform is available both on-Premise and Subscription based models.

E-bee was founded in January 2012 by Reshma Nagpal. At present it has more than 10 large and medium sized clients across India and South East Asia.

E-bee helps companies by integrating supply chain data along with all the other data from different systems like the ERP, CRM, e-commerce portal, and the app. All of the combined information and incoming data would be provided to the business owner on a single dashboard. This includes all the customer data regardless of where they are shopping from.

With the help of E-bee even retailers can also order products with better margins and improve store fulfilment rates.

Reshma says that her business works on a modular approach where the customers can pick from 22 functional modules on the E-bee platform and integrate it with their traditional technology.

Image Reference: E-bee.com

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