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Doosra provides virtual SIM to protect privacy

Doosra provides virtual SIM to protect privacy

It is quite common for mobile phone users in the country to receive many spam calls and messages. As India is one of the most spam-hit countries across the globe, chances are more for you to receive such spam calls if you are using an Indian SIM.

As the usage of mobile phones is increasing, so does the mobile spam. It has been increasing over the past few years, especially after the increase of digitisation. As per some sources, on an average, a mobile phone user receives around 26 spam calls per month. Many spam calls are generally received from fintech organizations and telemarketing services.

To put stop to this menace and protect your privacy, Doosra, a Hyderabad based startup came up with a solution. It offers you a secondary mobile number, i.e. virtual SIM which can be used for all your digital transactions except on UPI.

Aditya Vuchi founded Doosra. He is a serial entrepreneur and founded many startups. Doosra is built on cloud telephony and became the first startup to bring this technology to the B2C area.

Nowadays many stores and businesses are collecting mobile numbers of customers to process a transaction after their purchase. While most of them collect phone numbers to provide customized service, chances of misuse and potential risks are involved with it.

The founder of Doosra, Aditya Vuchi experienced this problem personally. Hence, he wanted to develop a fix. The entire process from ideation to bringing a final shape to the startup took him two years. After working with leading telecom operators across the country, Doosra has been launched.

While Doosra started its operations in May 2020, its mobile version was launched in September. The app has more than 10,000 downloads on Google Play Store with a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Users of Doosra are provided with a 10-digit virtual SIM or secondary mobile number. They can share this number with shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies etc. This number protects the identity of users and blocks spam calls and messages using Smart Call filers.

Doosra works on a subscription model. It has two plans. While the half-yearly plan costs ₹499, the yearly plan is available for ₹699. Both plans offer unlimited voicemails and 100 minutes of callback facility.

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