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Dcoder – Use your mobile to code

Dcoder – Use your mobile to code

People who work as a programmer often find themselves in a tight spot if they are missing their laptop or personal computer. Imagine being able to code what you want from just your smartphone.

Dcoder does exactly that. One can use this mobile coding platform to write code in more than 35 programming languages on their smartphone.

Ankush Chugh is the founder of this handy app. Being a programmer himself, he found himself in a pinch when his laptop was stolen.

Feeling that the lack of laptop can be a strong problem to many programmers like him, he wanted to create a method that lets programmers code whenever and wherever they wanted.

Ankush realized that smartphones are readily available to almost everyone these days. So he wanted to an IDE (code editor and compiler) for mobiles. With that idea in mind, Ankush started working on his idea and launched the app in July 2016.

Dcoder also makes for a perfect practice tool for students who are just getting into coding. Ankush took six to eight months to make the minimum viable product.

He has been adding updates and features to it since then. He now has a team of five members who work on Dcoder.

The way Dcoder works is that users can simply type in the code they want to run. It is sent to a cloud server for the purpose of compiling and execution. After that, the output is returned backed to the phone.

Dcoder’s editor which is called CodeNow lets the user select the programming language they want to write. There are also premade templates which can be selected on the app.

Furthermore, the Dcoder app offers a section called Algoyo where coders can participate and gain XP. They can show off their coding skill to the world and get ranked on a global leaderboard.

The app has two versions. The free version and premium version. Premium version has various features like editor themes D-pad navigator etc.

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