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Cuemath helps children learn math easily

Cuemath helps children learn math easily

Math can be quite a bit of challenge to several students. Parents often struggle to find the right method to help their children do math well. Even teachers sometimes struggle to help students get perfect with math.

For this reason, Cuemath was started. It is a platform to help children improve their math ability and develop their aptitude and reasoning.

Cuemath offers a curriculum which has been developed with thorough research. Their curriculum caters all level of students from KG to 8.

Each student gets three 1-hour sessions a week. Students are formed into groups of six and each student can ask for doubts.

The platform offers periodic assessments to the parents and teachers to help them understand where each student is lacking or thriving.

The curriculum of Cuemath focuses on developing math related skills for the child rather than the school curriculum.

Unlike Abacus or Vedic Math, the idea is not to get faster calculations but to help the students understand how math works.

The platform has setup more than 2500 centers all over India to cover most major cities. These centers focus on developing skills in students and helps them express their creative freedom.

Cuemath wants to create a teaching environment which is mixed of both traditional and new teaching methods. They provide worksheets for the students along with tab-based assessments. Taking the curriculum in Cuemath also gives the student with a certification.

There are three main parts that form the curriculum of Cuemath. The first is the math of concepts which covers mathematical concepts and focuses on active learning.

The second is about aptitude which focuses on sharpening skills of students with ‘game-like tab-based exercises’.

The third is about reasoning. It focuses on developing reasoning skills using puzzle cards. It encourages children to think outside the box.


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