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Celebees provides home food

Celebees provides home food

Due to the increase in health consciousness, many people are preferring to consume home food. Whenever they are away from home, they choose to have homecooked food rather than ordering from restaurants.

That’s why the demand for home chefs has been increasing. There are many startups to provide homecooked food nowadays.

Celebees is one among them. It aims to provide home food for occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, get together events, and other celebrations.

Faizal M Khalid and Sunitha Faizal started Celebees in 2019 to offer homecooked food, snacks and beverages to meet the requirements of celebrations.

This Kochi based startup has a network of home chefs to cater to small and big events. The startup has around 150 employees.

It empowers homemakers by helping them take the entrepreneurial route without huge investment or marketing experience etc.

There are many occasions like office parties, home parties, festivals, pre-post marriage parties, success parties, retirement event, and many such days. For all these occasions, Celebees supplies homemade and hygienic food.

The startup faced challenges related to the quality and hygiene of food initially. In addition to that, providing a variety of tasty food was also a challenge.

The startup invited auditions from interested homemakers to bring different varieties of dishes to be tasted by a panel of authorized chefs at the company. These chefs evaluated the food and shortlisted the best homemakers to cook for the startup.

In addition to that, the quality check was also done by visiting the homes of the homemakers. The home chefs have to take FSSAI certificate and other relevant certificates to be part of Celebee’s network.

Customers can book orders through their app which will be automatically forwarded to the chef and support team. After the confirmation of the order with a chef by the support team, the app starts the countdown.

Around two hours before delivery, the order is notified to the delivery boy who coordinates with the chef. He delivers the food from the chef’s home to customer’s place.

Celebees follows a B2B model. The size of the ticket varies from ₹2,500 to ₹1 lakh.

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