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CanSell: buy or sell unused tickets

CanSell: buy or sell unused tickets

Imagine you have planned a great weekend trip with your friends or family. You have made all preparations to book the hotel, entrance tickets to sightseeing attractions etc. All of a sudden your family and friends cancel out.

Great! You think. In typical fashion all that hard work has gone to waste.

In addition to the disappointment there’s also the loss of money. Most ticket booking services tend to charge about half the amount you paid for cancellations and refunds.

At times like this, you can now use CanSell to get rid of your extra tickets and vouchers.

Using this app, you can quickly make use of those tickets with the tap of a button and show your friends that they didn’t waste your money.

CanSell was started by Naveen Dhangopal. It’s aimed at making sure your tickets won’t go to waste in such desperate times.

Naveen was also someone who faced these problems and decided to solve it.

The platform was meant to be used to exchange unused tickets/vouchers between people so both parties can save money.

CanSell: buy or sell unused tickets

CanSell: buy or sell unused tickets


The platform is also helpful for those who are looking to travel urgently.

They can find the tickets on this platform when they can’t get it anywhere else.

Anyone who wants to get rid of their tickets and vouchers and those who are looking to buy the same urgently can make use of the platform.

CanSell is a free to use platform at present. However, the company is planning to facilitate these transactions at a service charge.

The company is also planning to expand their portfolio of what can be sold and purchased. They are looking to tie up with hotels and airlines etc. They also are planning to launch loyalty points to customers.

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