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Cakenest – Good Platform for home bakers and buyers

Cakenest – Good Platform for home bakers and buyers

Cakes have become essential in most of the celebrations now. Some people make cakes at their homes while several people buy at bakeries for appearance and taste.

Some home bakers who are good at making cakes are not able to earn money even though they have skills at par with the chefs at bakeries. They have limited reach as they do not have an online presence.

At the same time, buyers prefer to buy at the famous bakeries as they do not know about the small bakeries or home bakers and their quality.

To fill the gap between the home bakers and buyers, Cakenest emerged. This Chandigarh-based startup wants to be a good platform for home bakers to flourish.

Nitin Sharma and his wife Nitika Sharma are the founders of Cakenest. The couple does not have any prior experience in baking. But, they started Cakenest to help home bakers.

They say that most of the home bakers in India are women. They are proficient in baking, yet due to lack of online knowledge, they have limited reach.

Hence, Cakenest aims to help them find buyers for their cakes. At the same time, buyers also can find their nearby home bakers and get customized, quality cakes.

Cakenest started on Instagram and Facebook in the beginning, but due to increasing demand, a website was launched. The couple registered the company.

The team helps home bakers in every step from the baking process to promoting products. Thus, Cakenest empowers women.

The home bakers can register on Cakenest on a quarterly or yearly subscription. Their cakes can reach many buyers since their profiles are visible to thousands of viewers.

Buyers can get on-demand homemade cakes from Cakenest. Besides, they can customize the cakes as per the need.

Price of the cakes varies from ₹1,500 to ₹4,000 per kg based on the design and other things.

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