World War 3 predicted by top prophet

World War 3 predicted by prophet who predicted Trump’s presidency

World War 3 predicted by prophet who predicted Trump’s presidency

A new mystic has joined the ranks of the greats such as Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, named Horacio Villegas.

He has predicted the outcome of World War 3 in this coming year, terrifying many! If the predictions from this line of mystics are true, then we have a very grave future ahead.

Villegas, for one, predicted the outcome of the 2017 election, of Trump winning the polls. The prediction of him then attacking Syria is already in the works, it having taken place during last week.

Nuclear missile attacks from North Korea are also predicted by him, which is being foreshadowed currently by seeing their test runs. He also comes to the prediction that this year, World War 3 will occur beginning on May 13 and ending on October 13, saying that the soldiers will return to their homes.

The line of this great mystics’ predictions for this year continues to come true, with Nostradamus’s prediction of coming financial hardships for Italy.

And although the current terms are vague as of now, Russia and Ukraine have been predicted to have an alliance made soon. China, as is being seen, will grow into a new world superpower after its “momentary awkwardness”, as was predicted by Baba Vanga in the twentieth century.

As predicted as well, business space travel will start to play into the world. However, on a more peaceful note, after Kim Jong-un is deposed of and sent to an asylum in Russia, North Korea and South Korea will merge back into a single country of Korea.

A Bulgarian fortune teller, dead by twenty years, also told of the rise of ISIS, having predicted a great Muslim war in the future. Vanga also predicted the accelerating global warming, including the melting of the ice caps and the flooding of cities.

She also predicted the 9/11 attacks in 1989, having said that the American brethren will fall to the “steel birds”. Lastly, she predicted that the forty-fourth president of the United States will be African-American, as was true, but also that he will be the last US president.

What could this mean for the unpopular candidate currently in office? What could the future of the world hold in the shadow of perhaps another upcoming World War? Only time will tell.

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