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Indian IT holds breath with Trumps announcement

Indian IT holds breath with Trumps announcement

While the Indian IT experts claim that the industry can withstand new US visa rules, the statements by new US president Donald Trump has put the industry on the edge.

Trump rallied with the statement of ‘Buy American-hire American’ which rung in the hearts of many of his supporters.

With such statements, the $150- billion Indian IT is now watching carefully for announcements or policy changes from the new US administration.

The new policies can affect the outsourcing work which is important for Indian industry.

Work from USA accounts for about 60 percent of India’s IT exports.

The Indian government is already putting maximum effort in its outreach program to show the importance of Indian IT industry for US economy.

The Indian IT industry makes contributions of billions of dollars in taxes and creation of local jobs.

India is set to have talks with US regarding this matter says Ravi Shankar Prasad, Electronics and IT minister.

He says that Indian IT companies have a lot of significant importance all over the world as they are spread across 200 cities in 80 countries.

They are very important for the US economy too he adds.

The companies themselves have paid of billions of dollars in tax and gave jobs to many Americans as well.

Prasad says that India will have proper talks with the Trump administration.

He said that they already expressed their views and will continue to do so.

R Chandrashekar, Nasscom president says that Trump has been pro-India and knows how businesses work because he himself is a business man.

He says that if the Trump administration is to put any new restriction on foreign companies and work, they have to carefully consider the loss of jobs within the US too.

He added that communication is very important at this stage.

Nasscom will also be holding talks with senior representatives of the US administration.

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