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Surat Businessman hosts Wedding of 111 daughters

Mahesh Savani, a Surat-based businessman played the role of a foster father for 111 girls who lost their fathers. He organized a grand wedding ceremony on Sunday in a school compound in Surat. These girls include from various castes and religions. Though the marriage ceremony is arranged in a grand way, two girls in this mass marriage are married by way of exchange of garlands to spread awareness on wastage of money in marriage ceremonies.

Savani furthermore gifted gold and silver articles, household appliances and furniture worth Rs.4.5 lakh to each of the girls to live happily with their husbands.

Savani admitted that his grandfather experienced several hardships who had come to Surat with Rs.70. Hence, he wants to help poor families. Savani says he has chosen this way to help them. He stated that he did not ask for any donations for conducting this mass marriage. He considered this event as a holy thing because giving away a daughter in marriage is an auspicious thing.

Mitali Narola, one of the girls exclaimed that Savani is a father not just to her but also to her brothers and sisters. She lost her father in 2009 and she thanked God for sending such a nice person with humanity in her life. Another girl Naheda Banu lost her father when she was a child. She admitted that Savani is a good father. She prays Allah to bless Savani with long life.

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