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WHO warns on usage of large-scale disinfectants outdoors

WHO warns on usage of large-scale disinfectants outdoors

Usage of disinfectants become common now. Hand sanitizers, surface disinfectants, and disinfectant sprays are some of them. Besides, disinfectant tunnels are also used in some parts of the country.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned against the usage of disinfectants outdoors on large scale saying that it can be toxic for public health. It also said that the large-scale fumigation can cause eye problems, respiratory damage and skin irritation.

Many countries including India, China, Italy, South Korea, Israel, and South Africa are spraying disinfectants on roads and sidewalks. They also installed disinfectant tunnels in most of the cities.

These tunnels are available in various shapes and sizes ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹25,00,000.

When people enter these disinfectant tunnels, they are sprayed a mist of sodium hypochlorite solution.

In India, the first disinfectant tunnel was installed in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu in April. After that, several states installed these tunnels on roads and other public places like markets. People walk through the tunnel raising their hands while the disinfectant mist is sprayed.

Some people said that they don’t have any adverse effects after that. However, many health experts warn that chemicals are highly toxic in the atomic or vapour form.

They caution that even though they are safe to be applied topically in liquid form, they can cause serious health consequences when inhaled or used in atomic form.

They say that these chemicals are more harmful than the virus.

WHO says that usage of disinfectants could be harmful both physically and psychologically. Besides, these disinfectants would not reduce or prevent the spreading of coronavirus from an infected person.

The COVID-19 infected people can spread the virus with their contact, cough or sneeze even though they pass through the disinfectant tunnels.

Normal people have harmful health issues ranging from eye problems to respiratory problems due to these disinfectant sprays. Using disinfectants on large scale affect the environment also. It can also lead to water shortage.

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