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WhatsApp’s Ranking of Contacts feature

WhatsApp’s Ranking of Contacts feature

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps used by several smartphone users.

It is not an exaggeration to say that many people begin their day with WhatsApp’s ‘good morning’ message and ends with ‘goodnight’ message.

To retain its popularity and continue its lead over other messaging apps, the company brings many updates to enhance user experience.

The following are some upcoming features of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is bringing the QR code option. With this, each user will have a unique QR code and others can add them to their contacts by just scanning the code. Though the feature is not yet live on WhatsApp, the Chinese chat application WeChat has a similar feature.

Fingerprint authentication feature is another upcoming feature to provide an extra layer of security. With this feature, users have to authenticate whenever they open the app. This feature makes third party locking apps obsolete.

Soon, WhatsApp users can share their status on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail etc. This is possible with the data-sharing API on iOS and Android. There is no need to link the accounts to share the content as API allows smooth transfer without the requirement of that.

Dark Mode is another upcoming feature which is currently available in many applications like Gmail, Facebook Messenger etc. The dark mode is good for eyes and gives an appealing look. Furthermore, it saves battery.

Though there are many contacts, only a few are your favorites. Many times, you may feel like arranging your favorite contacts on the top of the list to chat with them easily. Soon, it will be possible on WhatsApp. Users can interact with their favorite contacts who will be on top all the time. The ranking feature detects your interaction with whom you are chatting frequently and ranks them automatically.

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