#IAmWithModi trends on Twitter

War on black money: #IAmWithModi trends on Twitter

War on black money: #IAmWithModi trends on Twitter

It’s been about a week since the bold move by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to demonetize high denomination currency notes. General public is struggling to get money for their survival from the banks. Many political parties are opposing PM with this, while most of the common people support his decision throughout the country.

Common people welcomed the decision of PM Modi dreaming to have a corruption-free India. They also hope that this bold move helps in curbing black money.

While the intention behind the move of demonetization of ₹500 and ₹1000 was appreciated by many people, the inconvenience caused to people due to it was criticized by many and made them angry.

In this regard, many political parties demanded to roll back the move quoting some incidents that caused inconvenience to them.

Since the announcement of demonetization on November 8, the issue has been rounding on social media. Many of them are using social media to spread the news related to the bold move while the others are posting both good and bad consequences on it.

Earlier, American citizens used Twitter to convey their message against President-Elect Donald Trump. Indians also wanted to use Twitter to oppose the demonetization move of PM Modi. After PM’s announcement, Twitterati in India used #NotMyPM to spread their opposition against his move on scrapping of high denomination currency notes.

The hashtag appeared everywhere on Twitter on Sunday which described the consequences of the sudden announcement and lack of proper arrangement for cash due to which many needed to rush to banks and stand in long queues.

However, yesterday Modi supporters used Twitter to appreciate his decision. Yesterday Twitter was flooded with #IAmWithModi. It attracted more tweets on Monday than its previous day’s hashtag #NotMyPM which was used yesterday as well.

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