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Tricky Office Situations

Tricky Office Situations

Office relations are complicated as is. But there are several tricky situations that can arise and make things even more complicated to manage. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Your boss becoming your junior

It can be hard to see your boss who you followed and respected so far is now your junior and follows your orders. However, it is important to put those feelings aside and focus mainly on the company’s interests. If you are uncomfortable with this situation, have your boss reassigned to another team.

Having a best friend who is incompetent

It can be quite tricky to have a best friend who is incompetent. The friend may not be as efficient as you are and sharing news of your promotion to him/her might be awkward. You might even need to counsel him about working better. Even worse is the situation where you might have to fire him/her for performing badly. In such situations, having the proper communication is very important.

Having your spouse in the same organization

Working together with your spouse can give rise to complications. When your spouse gets a promotion it can hurt your ego. Try to keep your ego away and don’t make it a competition. Keep your office matters and personal matters separate.

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