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Tips to reduce smartphone usage – 2

Tips to reduce smartphone usage - 2

In the previous article, you have learned about some apps that are part of Google’s Digital Wellbeing to reduce smartphone usage.

Here are the details of the remaining apps:

Morph helps you use applications in your phone at a specific time. For instance, you can set the news and weather apps in the morning, mails and WhatsApp in the afternoon, music and video apps in the evening, and so on. Thus, based on time or place, you can set your phone and it will automatically adapt by giving you the right apps at the right time.

Desert island helps you stay focused by choosing the most important apps. Many people install several applications in their phone and check often which is a waste of time.

But, with Desert Island, you can pick the most important apps and go with them for 24 hours. You would not find unnecessary applications after that. Checking all applications that are installed in the mobile is a waste of time. In such a situation, Desert Island would be helpful.

Paper Phone helps you give a break to your phone. Your favorite contacts, maps and meetings can be printed directly to a sheet of paper with the help of the app. It is customizable to arrange your things in a focused way.

The digital wellbeing experiments are a collection of tools and ideas to help people balance technology better.

Google also invites ideas and suggestions for the betterment of these experiments. These codes are open source so that developers can check the experiments and create a new one.

If you are interested in creating a digital wellbeing experiment, then download the Hack Pack PDF and get started.

It includes user insights, information on APIs, and idea templates. Open source code is also available.

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