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Tips to reduce smartphone usage

Tips to reduce smartphone usage

Smartphone plays a vital role in our lives. The dependence on the phone shows its. It became an essential thing and slowly turned to an addiction for many people.

Smartphone addiction is one of the most serious issues in recent ages.

In this context, Google launched an app for the digital wellbeing of the people. It reveals the phone usage of a person and how much time it is being used.

The main intention of the program is to involve more people to build better technology for all people.

Google also prepared another six mobile applications which help reduce your mobile phone usage.

Currently, these applications are available to only android phone users.

Unlock Clock reveals the number of time you unlock your phone in a day. This is a live wallpaper which can be downloaded simply. It is not visible in your applications but only visible in live wallpaper library. Unlock Clock monitors your phone usage and reveals the way you used your phone.

Post Box holds your notifications until a time set by you and thus minimizes distractions. You can choose how often you would like your notifications to be delivered so that all of them would be organized and sent to you accordingly.

We Flip helps you keep away from the phone as a group in parties and occasions so that the members in the group can spend quality time together. The members of the group can know if anyone unlocks the phone. You can play with this like a game. Group members can compete among themselves and the one who unlocked the phone first would have to give a party to the others. The person who unlocked the last would be the winner.

You will know about the remaining apps in the next article.

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