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Tips to prevent your WhatsApp from getting hacked

Tips to prevent your WhatsApp from getting hacked

Though WhatsApp says that it is secure, cyber experts warn that there is a risk of misuse of your data by hackers and fraudsters.

Hackers can access your WhatsApp data through WhatsApp web. Also, they can misuse your data by registering your phone number on another device.

WhatsApp number does not work on two phones at a time. Yet, hackers can access all personal chats by registering your number on another device. Also, several reports suggest that a fraudster can deactivate your WhatsApp account remotely and restrict you from activating it again.

Hackers can get access to your WhatsApp data in several ways.

  • Using auto-backup apps, fraudsters can access your data. However, if you have a recent and updated version of WhatsApp, your device is safe.
  • Your data can be hacked with the WhatsApp sniffer through a Wi-Fi network.
  • They can also use third-party spyware.

Here are certain tips to prevent your WhatsApp account from getting hacked:

  • Enable 2 step verification for extra protection of your account. You can do it under WhatsApp Account settings.
  • Log out from all computers every time you use WhatsApp Web.
  • Do not keep your phone in the reach of others when you are out. Also, lock all your apps including WhatsApp, to prevent the misuse of these apps by others.
  • Never use public or unknown Wi-Fi connection as it increases the risk of getting your personal and financial data stolen.
  • If you go to WhatsApp Web, you can see the list of all open sessions and devices there. If a message ‘This phone could not be verified’ appears, it means your WhatsApp account has been accessed by an unidentified device as well.
  • If you know that your WhatsApp account has been hacked, deactivate your account by contacting the support group of WhatsApp. If you do not access it for 30 days, your account will be deleted automatically.

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