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Beware of WhatsApp OTP Scam

Beware of WhatsApp OTP Scam

As WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used social media messengers across the globe, fraudsters are misusing it.

It is quite common for most of the WhatsApp users to forward the messages to others without reading the content properly. They even click on he links without a second thought. This careless attitude of users grabbed the attention of fraudsters on WhatsApp.

Now a new scam came into light on WhatsApp. It is an OTP scam. In this scam, hackers send message to you pretending to be your friend. They urge your help by creating an emergency-like situation. They ask for the OTP sent to your phone. They make you believe their words saying that OTP is sent to you by mistake and request to share it. They continue sending messages until you send the OTP.

Hackers want to access your WhatsApp account and thereby your contacts through OTP validation. If you share the OTP with the fraudsters, your account will be locked and all your contacts, groups and messages will be in the hands of fraudsters.

Beware of this OTP scam. WhatsApp never sends you OTP unless you request for it. Normally, if you want to set up WhatsApp on a new smartphone or another device, you will receive an OTP for setting up WhatsApp on it.

Now, fraudsters are misusing it. So, if you receive an OTP without your request, ignore it and do not share with anyone. WhatsApp has many private conversations. So, you have to be extra cautious.

Do not fall prey to fraudsters. To prevent falling prey to such scams, never share OTP with anyone. It is the first and foremost rule to remember. Use two-factor authentication for extra protection.

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